5 things to do at Lake Bled on a girls’ weekend

International Women’s Day is a perfect excuse to get away for girls only weekend and visit our beautiful neighbouring state. Slovenia is known for its forests, untouched nature, peaceful scenery and outdoor activities. Two hour drive from Zagreb, lake Bled awaits us nestled between Julian Alps.


Baroque church of the Assumption of Maria

Weather was perfect right until we arrived. That meant no leisurely stroll along the lakeshore and, even worse, no rowing boat to Bled island. Since we’re not girls who give up easily, we planned out pleasure filed afternoon.

So here’s a helpful guidelines for rainy Bled weekend.

  1. Stay dry on the outside and moisturised on the inside
  2. Find a wellness centre
  3. Have a delicious dinner and wash it down with a glass of champagne
  4. Walk around lake and climb to the Little Osojnica viewpoint
  5. Try famous cream cake

We found save haven in Bled pub with a lake view and old castle up on the cliff looking back at us. Stubborn Gods of sunny weather didn’t share our sun related wishes so they kept pouring gallons of water on Bled.

Fine with us. We’ll go to a three hour wellness treatment at hotel Astoria. Originally, Bled was developed as a popular health resort in 20th century for the aristocracy. And now, almost centurie later, they are killing it. You can’t throw a rock and not hit a spa of some kind.

We stepped in the soothing oasis of tranquility with four different kind of saunas, inner and outer jacuzzi, foot spa and relaxation area while rain was drumming tirelessly against glass roof.

Rain zero, girls one.

Relaxing and laughing while scrubbing with Mediterranean peeling made us hungry. An hour later we’re enjoying tasty dinner and a glass of champagne in a charming restaurant Oštarija Peglez’n. What more can a girl wish for?



Bowl of liquid greens

The second day was more to our liking, outdoorsy as we are. As it stopped raining, we climbed to the medieval castle. If you choose to go in (for a measly 10 euros) you can enjoy at the museum, winery, gallery and the view, of course.


Old city sitting on the top of the cliff

We planned to get on Bled Island in a boat. Fourteen euros sounds kind of steep, but during warm days you can row loaned boat and get some exercise along with those romantic feels. This island is also the only real Slovenian island.


Row it like you mean it – traditional wooden barges (plenta)

Locals directed us to Little Osojnica Hill and promised awesome view on the lake Bled and surrounding hills. Only 15 minutes away. But not quite. It took us one hour to climb up to  687 meter high viewpoint and get back down.


Just few more steps

Paths are not clearly marked as one would like to, so it took some wondering around. But once you’re there, it’s definitely worth it.


Pearl of Bled


Bled lake and only real island in Slovenia

Reward in a form of abundant lunch was in order after conquering that ferocious mountain. Pub Pri planincu is over 110 years old and still serves delicious food in a cozy and colorful ambiance.


Over 110 years old and still looking fresh


Wooden bar in a pub Pri planincu

Last, but not least on our to eat list is famous cream cake kremna rezina with coffe latte at sunny terrace overlooking lake.


Yummy kremna rezina aka kremšnita

Slovenia really  is a small county for a big vacation. There are more beautiful places left to see so I’m predicting a soon retun. Hopefully before next International Women’s Day.


Some sun for the end of the weekend


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