Advent in magical Graz

Here we go again – it that magical time of the year. By that magical time, I mean – Christmas time. Everyone is jolly, streets are decorated with gleaming lights and the air is filled with the scent of mulled wine and delicious food.

If you’re looking for something really special, look no more and head to Graz, Styrian capital of culinary delights. Advent in Graz is in full swing – it started on the 22nd of November and you can enjoy it until the 24th of December.


Graz in a festive mood (photo by Graz Tourismus – Harry Schiffer)

Why should you go to Graz, you ask? Well, for starters, there are all kinds of different Christmas markets, each one different from the previous and each having its own unique vibe. Everything you need for festive celebrations is here: handmade or low waste gifts, mouthwatering food and all kinds of events for children and adults alike.

My favorite places are listed below:

  • Hauptplatz

The main city square is the heart of Graz so it doesn’t surprise that it is also the central point of festive events. In rustic cabins, you can indulge in tasty food and warm drinks. If you stick around until dark, you can have the best view at the advent calendar on the City hall’s main facade.


City hall’s main facade with a beautiful advent calendar (photo by Graz Tourismus – Harry Schiffer)

  • Färberplatz, Mehlplatz and Glockenspielplatz

Take a walk around the city center and find some artisan or handmade, last-minute gifts for your loved ones. If you value style, quality, and craftsmanship – these are the best markets to visit. Glockenspielplatz, at the top of the Schlossberg, will reward you with a great view of the city, especially on a sunny day. Also, during the weekend funicular is free so don’t miss a short but wonderful scenic ride.


Christmas market at the Schlossberg stage

  • Tummelplatz

Located near the main shopping street – Herrengesse, you will find an eclectic and slightly different market. This market is home to world travelers and craftsmen from all around the world, bringing a dash of other cultures for the last 20 years.


Decorated Herrengasse

  • Franziskanerviertel

Traditional “Altergrazer” Christmas market is located near the Mura river and nestled behind the Franciscan church. It is a cozy little market where you can sample some local dishes and escape the hustle and bustle of the bigger markets. 


People at Franziskanerplatz

  • Mariahilferplatz

If you want to mingle with the cool crowd and dance under colorful lights, among stands and wagons, while sipping a warm drink, Wonderlend circus is a place to be.


WondeLEND at Mariahilferplatz – fun with a view

Walking distance from the square, cool bars and restaurants are located so you can give them a try and explore their offers. If you had your fair share of street food and crave tasty food in a cozy restaurant with friendly staff, make sure you visit Die Scherbe. During weekends, they serve breakfast until 15 o’clock and it is delicious.


While you are strolling around wonderfully lit cobbled streets of Graz, don’t miss the ice nativity scene in the Landhaus courtyard. Carved by renowned ice sculptor Kimmo Frosti and international team of ice sculptors, the nativity scene is made of around 35 tonnes of crystal-clear ice and is a huge attraction during advent in Graz so enjoy it while it lasts.


Ice nativity scene in the Landhaus courtyard (photo by Graz Tourismus – Harry Schiffer)

Find more informations here.

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