Hello, you beautiful people!

My name is Tihana and I used to be full time tour guide but then adulting happened so I had to get a “real” job. Now I’m working as a full-time business analyst and part-time tour guide. But still full-time explorer and hedonist.

This is kinda hedonist’s guide to the world.

I’ll write mostly about traveling and delicious wonderful food with the pinch of natural beauties, dash of exploring and splash of getting lost. In short, I’ll write about everything that makes me happy and can be eaten, photographed or enjoyed.

My wish is to share my (travel) experiences and (food) memories so when I’m old and grey, I can look back and relive them all over again thinking: “That was one delicious burger I had on the top of the rainbow overlooking unicorn farm!”. Or that’s just Alzheimers kicking in.



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