One-day trip to Island Mljet

Summer is leaving us slowly but surely and I still can't get over it. All beautiful moments we shared and now you just gonna leave me, Summer? Dramatic pause and gasp. But it's not all that bad. We'll always have memories (and some photos, of course). That being said I want to share one beautiful … Continue reading One-day trip to Island Mljet


9 awesome things to do in Berlin

I've been to Berlin ones before and it was a museum marathon so this time, there will be no museum on my itinerary. I love Berlins' openness, acceptances and positive vibe. People are happy, unburden, creative and inclusive. No sight of those cold Germans our grandparents told us about. The thing is, Berlin isn't Germany in … Continue reading 9 awesome things to do in Berlin

Zabavna strana Salzburga

Službeni soundtrack grada Salzburga bi trebao biti Let me entertain you. Prije nego počnete protestirati i nabrajati sve zabavnije destinacije kojih se možete sjetiti, molim za trenutak strpljenja. Salzburg nije prvi grad na koji pomislite kada razmišljate o zabavi, ali tijekom posljednjeg posjeta sam se uvjerila da se isti taj Salzburg prometnuo u zabavno turističko odredište gdje broj turista višestruko premašuje … Continue reading Zabavna strana Salzburga

Hong Kong guide for a first-timer

Hong Kong reminds me of a hyperactive child or a teenager on his first ecstasy. There’s always something going on - blinking, twinkling, vibrating and stealing attention. It got me so excited, I felt like an adolescent girl before the prom night. Five days that we spent in Hong Kong, we managed to squeeze in … Continue reading Hong Kong guide for a first-timer

5 things to do at Lake Bled on a girls’ weekend

International Women's Day is a perfect excuse to get away for girls only weekend and visit our beautiful neighbouring state. Slovenia is known for its forests, untouched nature, peaceful scenery and outdoor activities. Two hour drive from Zagreb, lake Bled awaits us nestled between Julian Alps. Weather was perfect right until we arrived. That meant no … Continue reading 5 things to do at Lake Bled on a girls’ weekend

Where to eat in Ho Chi Minh City

In Ho Chi Minh City, previously known as Saigon, the capital of Vietnam, I got acquainted with food I've never tasted before. Colorful, diverse and so different from European food that you just want to stare at it, smell it, roll in it and eat it, at the end. You can skip step two. And … Continue reading Where to eat in Ho Chi Minh City

Grlom kroz Baranju

Nepravedno zapostavljeni dio Hrvatske koji zaslužuje više pažnje, a često ostaje bez iste. Da ispravimo tu groznu nepravdu, uputili smo se u najistočniji dio Hrvatske, Baranju, koja dijeli granicu sa susjednim nam državama Srbijom i Madžarskom. Maglovitom autocestom smo za nešto više od tri sata stigli do hotela u kojem smo proveli dva vrlo sadržajna … Continue reading Grlom kroz Baranju